We have some highly reputed companies entrusting us with their work. We not only have their numerous good reviews we also have several wards locally and internationally under our belt.

Below are some of our reputed clients.


Pandaxue is a reputed company that is partnered with the best universities with the best rankings and offers the best scholarships for international students to make sure their experience of studying in China is a breeze. Click Pandaxue to visit the site.


Cyberbreed is your one-stop online marketplace for the highest quality merchandise on the market, whether it is sneakers, bags, or even sandals for women. Click Cyberbreed to visit the site.


Gamezon is the most valuable project of ZigzagBazaar. It’s a gaming news and reviewer site where you can get all updates of the upcoming games and trending games news. Click Gamezon to visit the site.

Fakirhat Online Shop:

Fakirhat Online Shop is an e-commerce site based in Bangladesh which is highly renowned for its quality service and customer satisfaction. It has won several awards for innovation and has been serving customers for years. Click Fakirhat Online Shop to visit the site.


Zigzagbazaar is an e-commerce site based in China where u can buy your daily needs like all kinds of gadgets Moblie phone, laptop, Tv, Watches, Shoes, and so on. It’s a foreign company which is made for foreigners. Click Zigzagbazaar to visit the site.

Bulk Gurus:

Bulk Gurus is our own mail service provider. It’s a project of Zigzag Corporation. Click Bulk Gurus to visit the site.

Prime hair:

Prime hair is a site that sells wigs and merchandise just for women. Their ulterior motive is to support women and focus on women empowerment; they are highly reputed in their sector. Click Prime Hair to visit the site.

More projects are ongoing daily and more being offered, which will be updated on completion. So why wait? Contact us now to get your spot in our hall of fame.